The prince of ETH has arrived

Greetings Earthlings, welcome to the Metaverse. Vegeta Inu Sama is away rigorously training right now, but I can fill you in on his goals and ambitions to conquer the Ethereum Network.

What makes the prince of ETH so powerful?
Token Burn

On every buy, 1% of the purchase order is burned forever. therefore the circulaing supply will be reduced over time.


Whales get hungry for liquidity, so a 7% tax per every sell and 1% of every buy transaction is sent to the royal liquidity pool.

Dev & Marketing

Vegeta Inu Sama has ambitious goals, so a 2% tax per every buy is added to the chest.

Forge Partnerships

Before Vegeta Inu Sama sets out to conquer the Metaverse, he is going to first forge a strong alliance with like minded projects that complement his goals and ambitions.

Launch NFTs

Vegeta Inu Sama has been training to create the ultimate collection of NFTs in another dimension where time moves slow. Soon he will emerge and bless the earthlings with his first masterpiece collection.

Integrate Into E-Gaming

Vegeta Inu Sama has always been a fan of simulations. He often trains in them to increase his power level. E-Gaming is a natural extension of his training regime. His goal is to further develop the possibilities of VEGI integrating into E-Gaming to further increase his and his supporter's powers.

Find out Next Time

Vegeta Inu Sama is committed to growth and will not stop the growth of his power level and his ever expanding universe. He is always looking at new ways to improve VEGI and further develop it's use case.